ALN Aluminum nitride ceramic

Aluminum nitride ceramic             

 The aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic has high thermal conductivity(5-10 times as the alumina ceramic), low dielectric constant and dissipation factor, good insulation and excellent mechanical properties, non-toxic, high thermal resistance, chemical resistance ,and the linear expansion coefficient is similar with Si,which is widely used in communication components, high power led, power electronic devices and other fields.Special spec products can be produced upon requests.(attached: Regular specification of AlN substrate and wafer)

Aln Alumina Ceramic Plate Substrate LED/PCB Substrate

Regular specification of AlN substrate and wafer
Thickness(mm) L*W( mm)
0.385 2* 2        50.8mm*50.8mm 3* 3          76.2mm*76.2mm 4* 4           101.6mm*101.6mm 4.5* 4.5         114.3mm*114.3mm
1.000 Φ16   Φ19 Φ20                   Φ26 Φ30   Φ35 Φ40                   Φ45 Φ50   Φ52 Φ60 Φ75 Φ80
PS: Other dimension and thickness which not listed are available upon requests.

Through laser machine scribing, cutting, and drilling, we can process  AlN  substrate with high accuracy and absolute consistency upon customer’s request.(attached: the technical parameters schedule of the scribed products)

AlN  Aluminum Nitride 陶瓷基片性能指标
Property Index of AlN substrates
性能分类      Property Sort 性能内容                     Property Content 单位               Unit 性能指标      Property Index 
基本性能 外观/颜色 - 淡灰色
Basic Properties Appearance/color Gray
吸水率 % 0
Water absorption
体积密度 g/cm3 ≥3.30
Volume density
表面粗糙度, Ra μm 0.3~0.6
Surface roughness
翘曲度 (length ‰) ≤2‰
热学性能 热导率  (30℃) W/m.k ≥180
Thermal Properties Thermal conductivity
                              (20℃to300℃) ×10-6/℃ 4.4
   Thermal expansivity         ×10-6/℃ 4.8
力学性能 抗弯强度 MPa ≥420
Mechanical Properties Flexural strength
弹性模量 GPa 320
Modulus of elasticity
莫氏硬度 - 8
Moh''s hardness
电学性能 介电常数 (1MHz 25℃) - 8.9
Electrical properties Dielectric constant 
介电损耗 (1MHz 25℃)                Dielectric loss ×10-4 2.8
抗电强度 KV/mm ≥17
Dielectric strength
体积电阻率 Ω.cm ≥1014
Volume resistivity
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