Aluminum Nitride(AlN) substrate LED Package

LED PackageBecause of excellent properties including high thermal conductivity, bending strength, low bulk density, low dielectric constant, non-toxin and similar coefficient of heat expansion to Si, AlN ceramics will replace traditional materials for high power LED substrates, becoming a preferred material for substrate.
1) High Brightness LED (HBLED): Products with high power but small size such as heat radiation base and frame for LED, LED headlight for car, tube core of LED etc.
With the trend to produce LED with higher efficiency and higher power, it becomes critical to source new materials which have better heat radiation capability. AlN ceramic is an optimal option!
2) UVLED (UVA, UVC): Because of advantages in efficiency, safety, environmental friendly and durability, UVLED is becoming more and more popular in sterilization, light-cure, lighting for plants and breeding.
With power of UV chip becoming bigger,electronic devices with sterilization function will spread wider. Air conditioning in car, hospital,food industries, medical industries will accept UVLED gradually. UVLED will make our life healthier.  


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