Pressureless Sintering Silicon Carbide

Pressureless Sintering Silicon Carbide

   Pressureless sintering silicon carbide (SSiC) is sintered by the mixture of fine silicon carbide powder and sintering aids in 2000-2200℃ inert atmosphere, and is silicon carbide ceramics with higher performance. 

 pressureless sintering silicon carbide can keep high-strength and ultra-high corrosion resistance for a long time under high-temperature (1600℃).  pressureless sintering silicon carbide has better thermal-shock resistance, thermal conductivity and high wear resistance, and its rigidity is better than that of diamond. 

So,  pressureless sintering silicon carbide is an ideal material to manufacture the sealing ring of chemical pump, axle sleeve, high-temperature nozzle, and ultra-high-temperature ultra-thin kiln furniture, etc.

Pressureless Sintering Silicon Carbide

According to customer demands, the company can provide full-range pressureless sintering silicon carbide products.
Range of products: -Finished SSiC ceramic products – unmachined SSiC ceramic semi-finished products –finished SSiC rough casting - net-size pressed SSiC rough casting - complex finished products

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