Silicon Nitride

Silicon nitride has long been used in high-temperature applications. In particular, it was identified as one of the few monolithic ceramic materials capable of surviving the severe thermal shock and thermal gradients generated in hydrogen/oxygen rocket engines. Silicon nitride is often used as an insulator and chemical barrier in manufacturing integrated circuits  Some key properties of silicon nitride include: low density, superior thermal shock resistance, good oxidation resistance, mechanical fatigue resistance and high wear resistance. Typical Applications Include: reciprocating engine components, jet propulsion components, orthopedic applications, thermocouple sheaths, arc welding nozzles, chemical insulators, electrical insulators, metal cutting tools, furnace fixtures, and bearing balls.

Silicon Nitride Description:

Si3N4 Ceramics Features:

1, Excellent mechanical properties even at high temperature

2, Light, low inertia

3, High hardness

4, Excellent resistance to friction and wear

5, Very high resistance to thermal shocks


Typical Applications:

1, Welding Nozzles

2, TIG and plasma cutting (RSBN)

3, Bearing, shell bearings

4, Metalworking tools

5, Inspection gauge

6, Bearing balls

7, Location Pin

8, Aluminum melt pipe feeding

9, Thermocouple protection tube

10, Aluminizing hook

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