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Aluminum Nitride Ceramic AIN disc 氮化铝基片

The aluminum nitride AIN substrate is a type of functional ceramic and is a diamond-like nitride. The aluminum nitride substrate produced by the company has excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical properties, thermal conductivity is greater than 170W/(m•K), dielectric constant is approximately 8 at 1MHz, thermal expansion coefficient is 4.5×10-6/°C, volume The resistivity is greater than 10EE12Ω•m, and the density is 3.26g/cm3. At the same time, it has the characteristics of non-toxicity and high specific strength. Aluminum nitride has excellent thermal conductivity (5-10 times that of alumina ceramics), low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, reliable insulation properties, excellent mechanical properties, non-toxicity, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, And similar to the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon, with the rapid development of microelectronic devices, high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride substrates are widely used in communication devices, high-brightness LEDs, power electronics and other industries, and are excellent electronic ceramic materials. Our company can produce various size and shape products according to customer requirements. AIN Substrate has the following features: High thermal conductivity,(170-230W/mK), up to 9.5 times than that of Alumina Similar coefficient of thermal expansion to that of silicon (Si) Higher electric insulation, and Smaller dielectric constant Higher mechanical strength (450MPa) Superior corrosion resistance against molten metal Very high purity, no toxicity.